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Our Governance - Corporate Governance
As a successful company that is active in the global arena, Samancor Chrome pays close attention to business ethics. These determine the way that business objectives and profitability are achieved.
Samancor Chrome's Guide to Business Conduct emphasises the importance of integrity, honesty and fairness, high performance and delivery, providing direction and a framework against which management can measure its accountability. It supports the comprehensive set of policies, standards and guidelines that the company applies for the various facets of the business, amongst which are:
  • Safety, health, environment and risk, quality and community
  • Equity in employment
  • Information Systems
  • Compliance with the law
  • Relationships with Governments
Samancor Chrome commits to the highest level of governance. Our governance framework is based on a combination of the regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions in which we operate.
Striving for Zero Harm to our People and our Environment
Samancor Chrome, as is common with all mining and mineral processing operations in South Africa, is subject to numerous laws, regulations, permits, licenses and other conditions that are designed to protect worker health and safety and the environment.
Samancor Chrome’s Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) policies, standards and procedures, exceed the statutory minimum levels of protection in line with the organisation's strong commitment towards worker safety, protection of public health, welfare and the environment.
A top to bottom approach to SHEQ responsibility has resulted in Samancor Chrome constantly driving its leading SHEQ performance towards the ideal of achieving a state ‘Zero Harm’. This is at the core of the company’s SHEQ policy and related initiatives, which apply to our people, contractors and suppliers, visitors to any of Samancor Chrome’s sites and the broader community in general.
As such, the SHEQ Policy Statement declares:
 As a major producer of chrome ore and ferrochrome products, Samancor Chrome is committed to:
  • Striving to produce a product that consistently meets internal and external customer requirements.
  • Actively protecting and maintaining the Health and Safety of persons working for and on behalf of the organisation, visitors, as well as the community that surrounds us from activity-related risks, as far as reasonably practicable.
  • Actively protecting the surrounding environment in which we operate from those impacts that may arise as a result of our operations and applying the principle of sustainable management in all our operational activities.

 This commitment will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring that this policy is promoted and applied within the organisation and is made available to interested parties.             
  • Developing a SHEQ culture by improving our employees and contractors’ SHEQ awareness and skills and keeping them accountable for all SHEQ performance aspects in their respective areas.
  • Committing to comply with all applicable South African SHEQ legislation, Codes of Practice and guidelines, other legislation and organisational standards.
  • Ensuring that all SHEQ risks and impacts are identified, evaluated and controlled according to a well maintained SHEQ Management Plan.
  • Setting and reviewing of objectives and targets for continuous improvement in SHEQ performance, legal compliance targets and by supporting operational excellence initiatives.
  • Monitoring and measuring effectiveness of SHEQ performance by conducting regular audits, reviews and providing appropriate resources to implement this policy.
  • Committing to apply the best practical environmental options to prevent pollution and to protect the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Planning, designing, operating and closing operations in a manner that promotes sustainable development.
  • Engaging and communicating with communities, with due regard and respect for local interests, cultures and customs.
  • Contributing meaningfully to the economic, social and educational wellbeing of communities in which we operate.
  • Reviewing this policy annually in order to ensure its continued relevance.
Maintenance Strategy
Maintenance, like safety, is key to creating predictable operations. It must create a planned and disciplined environment that ensures the maximum process availability at the lowest cost possible.
Maintenance involves everyone who uses equipment, can identify or cause equipment malfunction and who relies on reliable equipment to do their work, not just those in the maintenance department.
The vision we have for maintenance at Samancor Chrome is to make available safe and efficient operating facilities to operational staff in a way that ensures safety in use and optimises return on capital employed.

In order to realise this vision, maintenance teams will always be committed to:
  • Zero harm
  • Developing people by training maintenance best practice at all levels
  • Never handing over equipment that is inappropriately maintained to operational personnel
  • The Maintenance basics and always look for a simpler way of doing things
  • Institutionalised and effective maintenance scheduling
  • Disciplined maintenance workflow
  • Continuous improvement of schedules with root cause analyses of the highest total breakdown costs providing the focus areas.
The key to the maintenance vision is proactivity versus reactivity, or planned versus unplanned work. All of the initiatives we develop are to take maintenance at each of the sites to a progressively safer and more planned state through proactive maintenance actions.
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